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1. Somebody needs to buy some more coffee. And not decaf this time. Fuck. Edit: Actually, I'll go buy it myself. There has to be a gas station or something open. I just need to get outside.

2. Why does everybody seem so down lately? Did I miss something? The warehouse feels so depressing. I need some air.

3. Z, make your cat shut up.
Damn, it's been a while since I updated this thing. There hasn't been much reason to, really. I've been mostly in my room, writing music on this nifty computer program and I've found and fully discovering the wonder of the internet. Everyone else has been out, or so I'm assuming. I'll probably go bother Z later; see what's up with him. How's everyone else?
All of these Random Wild Animal Sex Noises are beginning to concern me. It certainly wasn't me; nor was it Z or Van because they were with me too (drinking, get your minds out of the gutters--said the pot to the kettle, or however that saying goes). Actually, the only person it could be is Underpants. And unless he hides during the day and only emerges at night to jack off loudly on the stairs, I doubt it's him.

I honestly can't believe this is what I'm talking about, seeing as Sex Noises are usually a regular occurrence around here. In other terms, I'm horribly, horribly bored. I think we definitely need to get working on that album more seriously.

Speaking of Underpants--where the fuck is he? He has my favorite guitar ('favorite' here meaning 'the only one that truly functions properly'). I have some ideas I'd like to write down before I forget them... do we have some laying around somewhere in a room I have not discovered, or am I going to have to convince Fink to let me borrow one of his?
So we know have internet in this little warehouse of ours. Rest assured, the money we got from Adeline has not gone to waste! It is currently providing us with twenty-four porn access that may or may not contain women which is always a good thing.

Porn and this "Livejournal," thing. I figured I would give it a shot--everyone else has, and I've been bored enough lately. I'll have to leave my room eventually, I suppose; I'm running out of wine. In the meantime, I've got this little thing to keep me entertained.